ACEO card decks

This was my submission for the 3 of spades in the 2008 ACEO card deck. Each card in the deck was created by a different artist. The 2009 decks are out and feature two playing card decks.


  1. What a great idea for a deck of cards. Where can we find them?

  2. They can be found on eBay. Search "aceo card deck" on eBay and several listings should appear. I just searched and there where listings for both 2008 and 2009 card decks. Members of the eBay group: ACEO, Art Cards Editions and Originals came up with the idea and artists signed up to create cards. The finished cards where submitted to one of the moderators of the group, who handled the production and printing of the card decks and another moderator of the group handled shipping the completed decks of cards to members who had ordered them. The number of decks produced was determined by how many had been ordered. I will have to check in with the ACEO group to see if there's discussion of a 2010 card deck.